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Buyer Tips - Handling Multi-Offers

With the current lack of property on the market and high demand in most price bands, we are encountering more and more frustrated buyers who have missed out on properties, often in multiple offer situations. Here are some useful tips to help you through what is often a difficult and confusing process for buyers. When you are interested in a property you need to let the salesperson you are dealing with know that you would like to be contacted if the vendor instructs that they would like to...

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Methods of Sale

Sale with a price - Private Treaty This is simply advertising your property with the price that you have agreed with your agent. The seller can consider an offer at any time during the process.   Deadline Sale (Deadline Treaty) A Deadline Sale puts in place a deadline date by which all offers must be submitted. This allows sellers and buyers to work within a set timeframe and creates a structured environment for all parties involved and creates a level playing field for buyers. The...

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