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The right person to represent you in the property world is important. They should be professional, skilful, and have empathetic qualities.

Selling your home can be an emotional and overwhelming journey, so it's important to have a positive, knowledgeable, and friendly agent you can trust working by your side, and making things easy. - that’s where I come in.

I’ll help you with the big decisions- discovering what is the right step for you.

I value building quality relationships with my clients and the feedback I've received underscores my commitment to each client's unique needs, ethical standards, and my ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver results.

With Nidd Realty, I have been able to grow and excel with a high-performance team. I love that we are regarded as local experts and professionals, and we’re here to bring the best of Dunedin to you.

Incredibly helpful and professional

"Working with Laura was so great, as a first time home buyer it's safe to say I knew very little about what I was doing, but every interaction with her made me feel comfortable, empowered and listened to. Her market knowledge is amazing and she is incredibly empathetic and understanding of what it is like as a first home buyer in the current market. She is super professional but also goes above and beyond to make you feel looked after, which is not something that can be said of all agents when it comes to dealing with buyers. Not once did I feel like she wasn't honest, understanding or knowledgeable. She even went above and beyond to gift me things that she knew from previous conversations that I needed in my new house. Truly a dream to deal with."
- 52 Barclay Street, August 2021

Sale of Deceased Estate

"From the first day that I made contact with Laura, she was able to put my fears to rest with her level-headed and sound knowledge of selling a deceased estate. It is really important to establish a positive relationship with our agent and following her expertise on the best way to sell the property. Laura was very mindful and respectful of our journey and she kept us all informed on a weekly basis. Laura set realistic goals and timeframes to sell the property, which it did achieve. For this, I have to thank Laura for being empathetic and supportive during this time."
- 16 Greenwich Street, April 2021

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Laura - Business Development 2022


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