Born and raised in Dunedin, Nigel lives here with his wife and two young children.

Having owned his own restaurant for 5 years, Nigel understands how to manage the unique economic climate of Dunedin.

Having also had his own rental properties his focus is always on achieving the best outcomes for all property owners.

In his spare time Nigel enjoys playing basketball.

Nigel's achievements with Nidd Property Management have included completion of his NZ Certificate in Residential Property Management - Level 4

"Prior to Christmas 2014 we approached Nigel and his team at Nidd Property Management to advise us on how best to rent and manage our Trust Property in Highgate - Dunedin. We had just vacated the property at the beginning of December and had envisioned renting it early February 2015 after cleaning, painting and remedial work was completed. Nigel and his team met us at the property and although the property was still in a state of flux having only just moved out he was able to provide us insight into what would be required to quickly and efficiently bring the property up to a suitable standard to achieve optimal rental income. The advice Nigel & his team provided was excellent and proved very cost effective in transforming the property into a valid rental option for potential customers before Christmas. Had we tried to ready this property without this advice we would have over spent and under achieved getting the property to a suitable rental standard. I would well recommend Nigel and his team as they make the rental process seamless and always act in a professional and polite manner." - James Hoyt

"In 2012, we purchased a home in Dunedin which needed to be rented for 2 years before we were able to move here to live. We had Nigel Stewart recommended to us from a friend and as we had no idea of any possible property managers, we took the recommendation. From the first time we met Nigel, we felt our new home had been put into capable and experienced hands. Nigel screened prospective tenants and sent us the information for us to scrutinise and consider. In both cases of acquiring 2 lots of tenants over the 2 year period, Nigel chose wisely and worked in extra requests from us as the landlords to the tenant's contract, advising us along the way so everything was kept legal and according to accepted tenancy rights and contracts. After regular property inspections, we would receive a comprehensive range of photographs of each room and the garden to show what was happening at the property. Nigel also acted promptly when repairs needed completing by getting us quotes and recommendations. I valued the time Nigel was our Property Manager and would not hesitate to recommend him to others as an excellent person to engage with and trust with a property." - Joy Baker

" Nigel Stewart has been the property manager from Nidd Realty Limited looking after our rental properties since February 2012. He has a professional caring and efficient hard working ethic that serves him well in his dealings with us and with the tenants. He looks for the best win-win solution for issues that arise. It is easy to communicate with him, a vital skill in his role. We have been very satisfied with his dedication and professionalism." - Amy Fong and Michael Lau


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