Youth Innovation Fund

Youth Innovation

2017 Nidd Realty Youth Innovation Fund

Nidd Realty is excited to announce the 2017 grant in the Nidd Realty Youth Innovation Fund. This fund was set up to support youth enterprise in Dunedin.

During the year we provide grants to young Dunedin entrepreneurs to help them achieve their innovative goals.

If you’re under 18 years old, live in Dunedin and have an innovative idea that a $2000 grant would help with, then this grant is for you!

Maybe you want to buy a VR headset to help you develop a game, maybe you need some money to build a prototype of your invention or you may be a budding musician or artist who needs help towards setting up your studio. You are only limited by your imagination - don't hold back!

Entries close 28th August 2017. Winner announced 30th August 2017.Send your one-page summary of the innovative idea you have to [email protected]

Entries must include the name, contact number, email address, age and current school of the entrant.

Email entries must be a one-page PDF. Hard copy entries can be dropped into our office at 211 High Street.

The winner must be able to provide evidence of their age (under 18 on the day of entries closing) and Dunedin residency to be eligible for the grant.



2016 Success Story - Congratulations Sam Hewson!

Sam Hewsom

Sam is an Otago Boys High School year 10 student with a passion for invention!

While mowing his grandparent’s lawn, he thought to himself “why should I mow the lawns and then do the edges when I can do both at once?” From there his first invention was born.

Sam has made his first prototype of the clip-on lawn edger for electric and petrol lawnmowers. He is now going to use the money from the Nidd Realty Youth Innovation Fund to build his next prototype and take his invention to the next stage.

We can't wait to see Sam's progress with his invention!

Well done again Sam

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Here's our 2015 success story from the Nidd Realty Youth Innovation Fund - Karl Brinsdon

Karl Brinsdon

This creative young man wrote an outstanding application for the competition. Karl is a Taieri College 14 year old who was not just content with making his own guitar pickups, he now wants to build guitars from scratch using recycled rimu from Taieri College’s recently demolished A Block. He then plans to donate the first guitar to the Taieri College Music Department and then build a near identical guitar for himself.

Not just can he build guitars but he can also play them with his band making it through to the finals of the Rockquest just last week.
Karl also plans to host concerts for young people providing an opportunity for his band and others to display their talents.

To top things off, this innovative young mind is also working on another exciting project developing a cell phone charger operated by energy created when walking.

Karl truly embodies what we were trying to achieve with this project and we are proud to name him the inaugural winner of the prize.

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